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  Michael Davidson
  Birthday:  03/15/1985
  Hometown:  Chesapeake VA
  Height:  5'9''
  Weight:  125lbs
  Racing Experience:  6 years



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Last Updated on Sunday, 31 July 2011 20:27


After a 13 month break from racing E30's Mike managed to take home a 2nd place finish and a Win.  Saturdays race was challenging with the rain just starting to drop at the green flag but Mike kept his cool and stayed in second place for the duration of the race.  He finished a couple seconds behind the current NASA MA points leader Robert Grace.  In Sundays race Mike qualified 3rd almost a half a second behind Robert Grace in 2nd and Robert Gagliardo in 1st.   Watch the video to find out how it all panned out.   Kudos to Robert Grace and Robert Gagliardo on a great race.  Great driving and great racing!




Mike competed in the 2011 Rolex 24 at Daytona driving the #56 Bennett Racing Ferrari F430GT.
Early on Mike was on pace with Jean Francois Dumoulin and Michael Skeen in the Thursday night practice session.  
Unfortunately the car suffered signiificant damage to the right side as a result of an impact with the wall 
later that session. Thankfully Mike was not driving at the time and the driver was ok.  The Spirit of Daytona
team was a huge help to Bennett Racing as they allowed the team to use their local race shop to repair the
car in order to make the start of the race.  The Bennett Racing crew stayed up all night Thursday and Friday 
to get the car fixed with almost no sleep.  The car did make the start of the race only to suffer a right rear
tire failure in the first 4 laps of the race.  The tire failure caused damage to the F1 transmission control and
additional bodywork damage.  Luckily Fernando Torres of Competizione Sportscars was on hand to re wire the
F1 control unit in record time to get the car back out on track.  The team was doing amazing into the early 
night.  Mike got in the car around 8:00pm and the team started to re-gain some of the positions they lost
while in the garage.  Mike was running a great pace and was extremely consistent throughout his first
professional stint.  Mike then handed the car off to Daniel Harrington and didn't get back in the car until
around 2:00am.  Mike thought the car felt good early on in his second stint, but noticed the gear changes
were rough and the clutch was starting to slip.  Ladislav Kovacyk the crew chief for Bennett Racing told
Mike to keep the car out as long as possible but after an hour or so the transmission developed a bad vibration
and the team decided to bring the car back into the garage.  At first glance the transmission looked to
have overheated but the team would later discover the throwout bearing had failed and leaked oil onto
the clutch.  The team worked throughout the night to get the car back out on track and the
Bennett Racing Ferrari took the checkered flag with Glynn Geddie behind the wheel.  Congrats to all
the drivers and Bennett Racing for a job well done!  Watch the car cross the finish line in the video below.